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Train Station Windows Are Object Lesson In Preservation
The Michigan Central Station, enshrined on the National Register of Historic Places, has suffered years of neglect. Now, more than 1,000 windows are being installed, but they are not historically appropriate for the building.
Source: Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Posted on October 7, 2015 by Tim Davis

Old Celanese Line Given New Lease Of Life At Derbyshire Railway
A closed chemical works in Central England, donates rail to a heritage railway.
Source: Derby Telegraph, Derby, Derbyshire, England
Posted on October 5, 2015 by Richard Buckby

Train Headed To New Destination?
The Mayor of Leesburg, FL, would like to see Cummer Sons Cypress Co #104, a 1920 Baldwin 2-6-2, removed from Herlong Park, and a new owner found at no cost to the city.
Source: Daily Commercial, , FL, USA
Posted on October 2, 2015 by RIL

Baltimore And Ohio Caboose Restoration On Track
The 1927 I-5D model at the B&O Railroad Museum's Ellicott City Station was built during a classic period in American railroad history... The museum is partnering with Modern Woodmen of America and entertainer Maggie Thorn to help raise money toward the cost of the restoration project, which has an estimated price tag of $50,000, said David Shackelford, the museum's chief curator.
Source: Sun, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Posted on October 1, 2015 by RIL

K Is For Kenosha
Big celebration in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Saturday, September 12, “Streetcar Day,” as they welcomed their newest PCC streetcar for their two-mile loop line from the commuter rail station to the new housing developments along Lake Michigan.
Source: Market Street Railway, San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on September 15, 2015 by Bill Hough

Donations Wanted For Train Project
Still on track for a comeback, the Tommy Thompson Train will be on display Saturday at this year’s Antique Engine and Machinery Show. The narrow-gauge train was built, maintained and engineered by Anacortes resident Tommy Thompson. It ran from the Depot Arts & Community Center on R Avenue to the corner of Ninth Street and Commercial Avenue from 1979 into the 1990s. Contributions for the project to get the train running again can be made to the Anacortes Museum Foundation, 1305 Eighth St., Anacortes, WA 98221.
Source: Anacortes American, Anacortes, Washington, USA
Posted on September 12, 2015 by o anderson

Ulster County Legislators Request EOI For County Owned Railroad Operations
2016 is the scheduled end of the current Ulster County railroad operator’s contract but it may not be the end of railroad operations on the county owned railroad.
Source: Ulster County, New York, Kingston, New York, USA
Posted on September 11, 2015 by Ernest Hunt

Full Steam Ahead, At A Very Patient Pace
Santa Fe 2926, a 1944 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway steam locomotive, is located at the society’s world headquarters, in a fenced-off section of side track on Eighth Street, a few blocks south of Interstate 40. Every Wednesday and Saturday, 30 or so members of the society turn out to put in a day’s work on resurrecting the old locomotive.
Source: Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Posted on September 10, 2015 by Bill Hough

Sioux City Railroad Museum Plans $1.4 Million Project
The Railroad Museum was awarded $750,000 in federal Transportation Alternative Program funding from the Iowa Department of Transportation. It will go toward a $1.4 million project to add concrete to three trails, put in a paved parking lot and also a new entrance driveway. ... More access means more people that can learn a part of the city's history. (NEWS VIDEO)
Source: KTIV, Sioux City, IA, USA
Posted on September 10, 2015 by rockislandlines

Last Oregon & California Railroad Car In Existence
ROSEBURG, Ore. -- The Douglas County Museum recently received one of its largest artifacts, and it dates back to 1883. The last remaining Oregon and California railroad car was given to the museum by the Glendale community a year ago. Renovations are expected to start in the next couple of weeks and they hope to have it fully renovated in two years. (NEWS VIDEO)
Posted on September 10, 2015 by rockislandlines

MATA May Revive Vintage Trolleys After All
Downtown businesses are suffering because of the trolleys’ absence.... Since April, MATA has been routing green hybrid transit buses along the Main Street trolley lines. Garrison’s five-year, $32.2 million proposal to buy replica trolleys would include $6.4 million in local government revenue and $25.7 million from 80 percent federal matching funds.
Source: Commercialappeal.Com, Memphis, TN, USA
Posted on August 28, 2015 by o anderson

Group Of Black Women Kicked Off Napa Wine Train After Laughing Too Loud
The 11 women, all members of the same book club, boarded the Napa Valley Wine Train, excited to sip wine in a historic rail car with the scenic northern California vineyards as a backdrop. Two hours in, train workers told the women that they had to leave because they were too loud. About 1 p.m., they were met by police officers and given a bus ride back to the station.
Source: Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California, USA
Posted on August 27, 2015 by Alexander D. Mitchell IV

Morouns Float Idea Of Moving Operations To Train Depot
Over the years, dreamers have recommended all sorts of schemes for the old Michigan Central Station, from casinos to vertical agriculture. But it may turn out that the best new use may be closer to the station’s original purpose — a transportation hub.
Source: Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Posted on August 25, 2015 by Tim Davis

Are New Train Station Windows Historically Accurate?
To the delight of many, the Moroun family has been installing windows in the long-abandoned Michigan Central Station. But some fans of historic architecture say the replacements are not historically accurate -- metal when they should be wood and unable to be opened like the originals.
Source: Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Posted on August 23, 2015 by Tim Davis

City Lays Out Tipple Preservation Plan
After a summer of fundraising and several years of planning, work could soon begin on the Grand Haven's coal tipple.
Source: Grand Haven Tribune, Grand Haven, MI, USA
Posted on August 18, 2015 by Tim Moriarty

Thomas The Tank Engine Theme Park Opens In Massachusetts
The first American theme park devoted to Thomas the Tank Engine and his locomotive friends opened Saturday in Massachusetts, promising to be a popular attraction with the preschool set. The $25 million theme park is situated on 11 acres within Edaville USA, an amusement park and railroad in Carver, about 40 miles south of Boston. "Thomas Land" features 11 rides based on various Thomas characters, such as Bertie's Bus Tours, Toby's Tilting Tracks, as well as a 20-minute train ride around the Island of Sodor on a life-size Thomas train.
Source: Cable News Network, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Posted on August 17, 2015 by Alexander D. Mitchell IV

Train Depot Progress Report: About 60% New Windows
Proud of progress at Michigan Central Station, the Moroun organization gave a tour today inside the structure where workers continue to replace more than 1,000 windows broken during years of neglect. Article includes about 40 pictures.
Source: Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Posted on August 14, 2015 by Tim Davis

Wanted: Rail Enthusiasts To Clean And Paint Old Carriages At Derbyshire Railway
RAIL enthusiasts could find their dream job by volunteering to clean and repair historic railway carriages.
Source: Derby Telegraph, Derby, Derbyshire, England
Posted on August 13, 2015 by Richard Buckby

Colebrookdale Railroad Gets Another Train Car
A Pullman car from the Everett RR collection was trucked to the Colebrookdale RR at Boyertown, Pa., arriving August 11th.
Source: WFMZ-TV, Allentown, PA, USA
Posted on August 13, 2015 by Alexander D. Mitchell IV

Windows Give Michigan Central Depot New Look
Windows are going in at a long-shuttered train depot that for nearly two decades has been one of Detroit's best-known eyesores.
Source: Detroit News, Detroit, MIchigan, U. S. A.
Posted on August 12, 2015 by Tim Davis