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Deciphering Boiler Stamps
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Author:  Rick Rowlands [ Fri Jun 12, 1998 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Deciphering Boiler Stamps

I have a vertical fire tube boiler in a steam crane. It has the following markings: <br>NATL. BOARD 854<br>INDUSTRIAL<br>BROWNHOIST<br>170 LBS.<br>300 HS<br>1929<br>HSB 2919<br>BO 1678<p>To the left of these markings is the S cloverleaf stamp with 17 above the cloverleaf and 2919 below it.<p>This is the best I could make out of the numbers, as the boiler shell is rusted in this area making reading the numbers difficult. I assume that HSB 2919 is the Hartford Steam Boiler number, 1929 is the year built, 170 LBS. is the working pressure. What do the other numbers mean? Since the crane was owned by the Baltimore & Ohio, would BO 1678 be a B&O boiler number?<p>With a Hartford Steam Boiler number, could I contact HSB and obtain the documentation on this boiler from them?<p>Any help would be appreciated.<br>


Author:  JCG [ Sun Jun 14, 1998 6:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Deciphering Boiler Stamps

You can get a photo copy of the original boiler inspection for $15-$20. I don't remember what the cost was. This report will have a lot of information about the boiler on it. The National Board Archives are located in Ohio. I don't have the address but here is a phone number that I had in my notes which I believe to be correct. 614-888-8320 If that number doesn't work contact a business that works on boilers they will be able to get you the number etc. That is how I got it.<p>John<br>


Author:  Bill Conklin [ Fri Jul 03, 1998 5:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Deciphering Boiler Stamps

The National Board number may prove to be the most useful as Hartford has apparently gone to a computerized system and many of the early HSB Boiler inspection numbers weren't transferred to the new system...at least thats what I was told with our boiler. You may also try the state that the boiler operated in as sometimes they have records if it also was operated under state rules. The National board actually was very helpful and I recall its 15 or 20 bucks for a copy of the data sheet. <br> <br>


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