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NEPA Rolling Stock Hunt
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Author:  Rob Davis [ Wed Aug 05, 1998 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  NEPA Rolling Stock Hunt

This post is of interest to those concerned with abandoned rolling stock, the anthracite railroads, NEPA region, D&H, CB&Q, EL and the NYO&W.<p><br>I have had the opportunity to do a little driving around the Lackawanna Valley, PA area to scope out some abandoned railcars. My observations have been made from public property, and in some cases at a distance, so please excuse me for not having car numbers and the like.<p>Erie Lackawanna hopper &#150; Winton, PA<p>At the end of Waddell Street in Winton, PA at a site id&#146;d by Mike Rushton as the ruins of the Pompey breaker is an EL hopper (paint scheme id&#146;d with zoom lense from new cross valley highway). It appears to be in very bad shape, with no trucks and a crushed bottom. Other mining equipment is scattered around. A new boat and other new shacks indicate an active site for some purpose. There is no rail. Both the Erie and the O&W served the immediate area. Mike has pictures of this on nepa.railfan.net<p>Breaker Street &#150; Winton/Jessup, PA<p>In a very interesting gorge, both an old highway and a mine railroad had trestles. The remains of both are visible in an area frequented by ATV&#146;ers.<p>Olyphant, PA<p>D&H station stands as Brick City.<p>Peckville, PA<p>O&W station stands highly modified.<p>Mayfield, PA<p>Is that the O&W or D&H depot across from the old high school?? Was it moved?<p>Childs, PA<p>While the very off-limits contents of Baumann&#146;s scrap yard on the O&W yard site continue to rust (O&W baggage cars, PFE express reefers, burned out wooden O&W coach and tons of mine equipment), other equipment in the area caught our eye. From the new highway, one can see boxcars to the north and a D&H caboose along the D&H. Since the D-L is very active, I do not consider this caboose abandoned unless someone can say otherwise.<p>North of Baumann&#146;s store is a totally dilapidated wooden coach. The ends are up on the trucks, while the belly is on the ground. A crime indeed.<p>South of Baumann&#146;s is a shack described to me as the old post office that was made out of a wooden boxcar. Inspection from the sidewalk shows it to be a wooden car, but with a round-roof and hatches&#133; it looks more like a milk car than a boxcar.<p>Does anyone know the history of the car and how it ended up here? It may be a VERY rare piece.<p>Carbondale, PA<p>An old powerhouse northwest of the trashed D&H roundhouse has what appears to be a dozen or so boxcars. I could not see everything from the road, so I am guessing. What I could see appeared to be a variety of D&H boxcars, with the exception of a CB&Q boxcar right up front. I do not know who owns this property. There is no rail into there. If anyone has a clue as to ownership, it might be a great place for D&H historians to seek permission to measure &#150; if I am right about them being D&H cars. All that I could see from the gate were steel.<p>Also, does anyone know why the D&H roundhouse was demolished years ago and turned into a pile of rubble that still sits there while the D&H powerhouse stands? Some of the 1820&#146;s gravity rr buildings seem to be gone, too.<p><br>If anyone has information on any of these cars, please forward them to inlinebob@aol.com<p><br><br>


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