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The last Erie-built
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Author:  Kevin Franchuk [ Tue Aug 11, 1998 8:43 am ]
Post subject:  The last Erie-built

With all the excitement over the seemingly imminent return of the former Santa Fe PAs from Mexico, I just thought someone should consider another six-axle diesel cab unit that went &#147;foreign.&#148;<br>Here in Canada exists the last former Pennsylvania Erie-built &#147;B&#148; unit, now used by Canadian Pacific in Winnipeg for continous welded rail service. Here&#146;s an excerpt from the March &#146;99 edition of Branchline magazine:<br>NINE LIVES: On December 18, &#147;B&#148; unit 404397, the last of the four former Pennsylvania Erie-built &#147;B&#148; units acquired for the continous welded rail plant in Smith Falls, Ontario, was shipped from Winnipeg to Mandak Metals in Selkirk, Manitoba, for scrap. She beat the odds and was shipped back to Transcona (Winnipeg) in early February for further storage.<br>Now, this unit may not be as glamorous as the PAs, but surely some Pennsy fans would be intereseted. Or, couldn&#146;t it be cosmetically restored in Warbonnet paint to match the Smithsonian PA? I know PB-1s are in short supply, the Rio Grande steam generator is the only one that comes to mind.<br>It would be shame to let this one go the route of DL-109s and all the A unit Erie builts.<br>Kevin<br>


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