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Big Boy 4018
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Author:  Jason Thornton [ Wed Aug 12, 1998 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Big Boy 4018

I just recieved some good news for all of the 4018 fans the contracts are about ready to be signed so get ready for the movement of the century and yes it is almost ready to be restored very soon now so get ready for the event of a lifetime. <br>


Author:  Hume Kading [ Thu Aug 13, 1998 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Big Boy 4018

There is nothing about this on either the Big Boy 4018 website, or on the Age of Steam's website. Given the penchant for Highball Films, or History N Motion, or whatever they call themselves this month, to hype any activity, no matter how trivial, or irrelevant to the task of actually rasing the money, I can't believe such an awesome pending occurence would go unadvertised.<p>I repeat, I don't beleive they have the money and I don't beleive they are capable of raising it. All they have to do to make a believer out of me is show me the money.<p>In the meantime, I beleive their activities are harmful to railway preservation in general, and detract and denigrate from legitimate restoration efforts and projects. And, the Age of Steam is as culpable in this as the supposed filmakers are.

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