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Author:  L Beckman [ Sat Aug 15, 1998 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Train Order Board

I'm not sure this is going to go since I am basically computer<br>illiterate. But here goes!<br>The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum is nearing completion on its new depot. This is a typical "small town" depot using C&O blue-<br>prints. The museum is now looking for an authentic train order<br>board (blade type). The board can be from any railroad but should <br>preferably include the levers that the station (or tower) opera-<br>tor used to set the blades. Are there any such boards still in<br>existence out there (either privately owned or still in place on<br>a railroad)? HVRM is a not for profit 501(C)3 organization and<br>the value of a donation would be tax-deductible. If necessary,<br>the museum might also consider purchasing such a board. You can<br>write the museum at:<br> P. O. Box 75<br> North Judson, Indiana 46366<br> Attn: L. Beckman<br>Or posting a reply message is of course, also acceptable.<p>Thanks! <br>

Author:  P. Kurilecz [ Mon Aug 17, 1998 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Train Order Board

The last time that I was through Dublin, Tx to look at the Wichita Falls Southern Depot and the Katy Depot, (about 1 year ago) The Texas Central RR (Peanut Line) still has the train order board outside of the Katy Stattion. I don't know what their plans are for it, or if they are willing to part with it. I would miss it if it were gone, but better that it is in a safe place than not.<p>Hope this helps.<br>


Author:  L Beckman [ Wed Aug 26, 1998 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Train Order Board

To: P. Kurilecz<p>From: L. Beckman<br> Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum<br> North Judson, Indiana<p>Thank you for your message of May 27th concerning<br>the possibility of a train order board still being<br>in place at the old Katy depot in Dublin, Texas.<br>I called the Texas Central yesterday (6/2) and was<br>informed that Centex nows owns the Texas Central.<br>I then asked about the Katy depot and a gentleman<br>by the name of Presley advised me that the station<br>had been "let go" over the years and that there was no order board left there. Since I had no way<br>to refute what he said, I thanked him and hung up<br>(there is the possibility that he said that just to get rid of me.)<br>Yours has been the only response I have received and I thank you for it. If we are unable to locate a genuine train order board, I guess we will have to try to build our own.<p>Thanks again. <br>

Author:  Jim Lundquist [ Sun Aug 30, 1998 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Train Order Board

try posting on other boards too - maybe www.trainorders.com. I love this board - but - better spread the word out on what you need.<p><br>


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