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Author:  Vic Geckle Jr. [ Tue Aug 25, 1998 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  oil weight

Interested to know what type or what weight oil would be used in a railroad diesel locomotive. Is there different weights for different types of engines. An Alco S2 or S4? I was told a straight 40 weight. Is this true? <br>


Author:  Rick Rowlands [ Tue Aug 25, 1998 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: oil weight

That's what we used to use on our GP-7, and it is what EMD used to reccommend. I have seen some special oil formulations just for locomotive engines, which make a point to note that they are zinc free. I don't know what zinc in the oil does to the engine, but since the bearings are babbitt lined which is a zinc alloy, I wonder what it could hurt. I speculate that the zinc in the oil throws off the oil analysis and may lead the mechanics to believe the bearings are wearing away abnormally because of the zinc concentrations.<p>Again, just speculation.<p><br><br>


Author:  H. Pincus [ Tue Aug 25, 1998 5:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: oil weight

Zinc-free railroad diesel engine oils are needed with EMD engines, many of which have silver-plated connecting rod wrist pins, and some of which have silver-plated turbocharger bearing components. The zinc additive is harmful to the silver plating.<p>Rather than use one oil in one manufactuer's locomotive and another in a second brand of locomotive, it is simply easier to use a zinc-free engine oil.<p>The traditional 40 weight oils are still very commonly used, but multi-grade railroad diesel oils are becoming very popular, particularly with the newer power.<p>Most of the railroad diesel engine oil suppliers have extensive technical information available, explaining things like the different additive packages they use, etc. Like many things, asking a few questions and studying the tech literature will provide a lot of knowledge.<p>One other point-- it is not a good idea to mix different brands of rr diesel engine oil, because different additive packages may react to form excess sludging in the engine. <br>

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