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remaining coaling towers
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Author:  Steven S. Gearhart [ Thu Aug 27, 1998 2:29 pm ]
Post subject:  remaining coaling towers

I would like to add to the list of remaining coaling towers. <p>I have seen the following with my own eyes:<br>Bluefield, WV (N&W, now NS)<br>Vickers, VA (N&W, now NS)<br>Iaeger, WV (N&W, now NS)<br>Portsmouth, OH (N&W, now NS) <br>Crawford, OH (?)-2 towers are present<br>Clyman Junction, WI (C&NW?)<br>Montfort, WI (C&NW?)-in the middle of a cow pasture<br>Gary, IN? (Nickel Plate?)-It can be seen from I90<p>I have read of or seen pictures of coaling towers at the following locations but cannot guarantee their existence: <br>Prichard, WV; west of Williamson on Rte. 58 (N&W, now NS)<br>Petersburg, VA (N&W, now NS) <br>Dwight, VA (N&W, now NS) <br>Glade Spring, VA (N&W, now NS) <br>Farm, WV (N&W, now NS) <br>Phoebe, VA (N&W, now NS) <br>Vulcan, WV (N&W, now NS) <br>Boone, IA<br>Marceline, MO<br>Flomaton, AL<br>Centralia, IL<br>Lafayette or W. Lafayette, IN?<br>Salmanaca, NY<br>Meadville, PA<br>Social Circle, GA<br>Charlottesville, VA (C&O) <br>Clifton Forge, VA (C&O)<br>Balcony Falls, VA (C&O)<br>Lynchburg-Sandy Hook, VA (C&O)<br>Gladstone, VA (C&O)<br>Elkhorn City, KY<br>Wilmington, DE<br>Newnan, GA<p>I would be interested in any corrections/additions/deletions from this list.<p>Thanks,<br>Steve<p>gearhart@engr.wisc.edu<br><br>


Author:  Burlington John [ Thu Aug 27, 1998 4:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: remaining coaling towers

Don't forget the Cumbres & Toltec in Chama, New Mexico. What a time warp!!!<p>Regards,<br>Burlington John<br><br>


Author:  Tom Henry [ Fri Aug 28, 1998 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: remaining coaling towers

CPR's John Street roundhouse coaling tower in Toronto still exists, now part of a developing museum in the former roundhouse. The tower is probably unique in that it was moved to accommodate construction of an underground parking lot for an adjacent convention centre.<br>


Author:  Gerry Kopiasz [ Mon Aug 31, 1998 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: remaining coaling towers

There is an old IC concrete tower in Council Bluffs, IA. Union Pacific just recently tore down the neighboring C&NW tower. Which of the mentioned towers of of steel construction?<p>Gerry Kopiasz<br>


Author:  L Beckman [ Tue Sep 01, 1998 5:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: remaining coaling towers

Concerning remaining coaling towers; Gerry's <br>question about "which of the remaining towers are<br>of steel construction?" is very relevant. Concrete<br>towers cannot be moved and most will (some day)<br>probably be destroyed. A steel coal tower COULD<br>(at least in theory) possibly be cut into manage-<br>able pieces and welded back together again at some<br>railroad museum. Most rail museums do not have<br>coal towers and a working tower would be a great<br>asset to those that, at least occassionaly, run coal fired steam locomotives. Perhaps future info<br>on surviving coaling towers could include type of<br>construction (at least if other than concrete.)<br>Just a thought! <br>

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