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More Lost Locomotives in Alaska...
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Author:  James D. Hefner [ Tue Sep 01, 1998 2:54 am ]
Post subject:  More Lost Locomotives in Alaska...

The first one was briefly mentioned on the WP&Y mailing list, but no one confirmed or denied if it is true:<p>It is the Columbia & Puget Sound RR "Georgina"; an 0-6-0 that is said to have sank on its way to Skagway for the WP&Y. It was built by Baldwin in 1875. If this one is true, did it sink "somewhere" in the Pacific Ocean?<p>Next, I was told that the Alaska RR lost one or more ex-US Army S-160s overboard on their way to Alaska. Once again, does anyone know anything more about these and where they sank?<p>J. David Conrad listed a locomotive in Alaska that was stored upside down! I don't have my directory with me, so I can't supply the details right now. It is not on Wes Barris list; does it still exist at the same location?<p>Finally, Wes has a Bering River 0-4-0T listed as abandoned on the tundra in Katalla, Alaska. Does anyone know any more about this locomotive?<p>-James Hefner

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