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No 3751 info
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Author:  Mat [ Thu Sep 03, 1998 4:23 pm ]
Post subject:  No 3751 info

Why no ATSF 3751 info on RYPN net site or on this board??<br><br>

Author:  Hume Kading [ Thu Sep 03, 1998 7:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: No 3751 info

Well, we did post thier previuosly most recent news release (until the one on June 7th) about the engine moving to the Redondo jct. roundhouse, back on January 25. And, we have their website posted in our links under Organizations and Societies (I posted the link below). After your comment, I went and got their latest press release and will post it in tomorrow's briefs. I suspect, however, nothing in that brief or the link to the SBRHS is news to you.<p>In general, although we don't consciously do this, I think there is a tendency for RyPN to lean towards more esoteric new events. Please don't interpret this to mean 3751 and its movements are not newsworthy, they most certainly are. But, that movement to Sacramento, and Rail Fair in general will recieve massive coverage in the mainstream publications way beyond our meager resources.<p>Basically, at RyPN, we cover two things, what people send us and what we're personally interested enough in and have time to go get the info ourselves. This is based on the reality of the fact that there are basically two of us, we do this for free in our spare time, and we don't have a staff like Trains or Altamont Press.<p>Someday (hopefully) we will have a staff. And then, as I alluded to in our 1st birthday note, we can do better than just barely scratching the surface of what's out there. Until then, and even after then, if you think there is something newsworthy let us know about it (like you just did).

San Bernadino RR Hist. Soc.

Author:  Mat [ Thu Sep 03, 1998 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thank you

Appreciate your detailed reply and look foreward to visiting the rypn site more often. Mat. <br>

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