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Author:  Dave Kornfeld [ Mon Oct 19, 1998 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  D&H PA's

The D&H PA business...much ado about nothing. I have several<br>problems with it...although I will confess to not knowing the<br>truth. <p>1) The lionizing of an individual by the railfan press-as if he<br>retrieved the units for "us." Hogwash !! He did it for himself-so<br>he could live out a dream. Fine...and btw, I don't know Mr.<br>McCormick-nor do I have anything against him. On a completely<br>different level, one has to salute someone for putting his own<br>money where his mouth is-if that was the case. If people had<br>that attitude years ago, perhaps we could see a (fill in your own<br>vanished favorite.)<p>2)The thing that bothers me the most is invoking the name of the<br>Smithsonian-so that a private individual could benefit. <p>3)From a historical perspective, will the units actually have<br>any validity ? After all. they were altered into D&H PA-4's-and<br>still exist in that form. Most of the "Santa Fe-ness" is gone.<br>The 16-244 engine..the GT-566 generator...in fact all of the<br>mechanical equipment...is gone. So what exactly are the shells?<p><br>


Author:  GERRY K. [ Mon Oct 19, 1998 3:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&H PA's

><p>Better than nothing!<br><br>


Author:  Big Al [ Wed Oct 21, 1998 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D&H PA's

I would tend to disagree....<p>There are so many other restoration efforts which wither for lack of funding - efforts to RESTORE not REPLICATE a locomotive, car or whatever. <p>What if say - the efforts of the Smithsonian were devoted to funding a certain Alco FA-1 which is undergoing meticulous restoration to an almost as-built factory condition. Would there be any support for that? The locomotive - the only FA-1 in this country is being restored but the lack of support from the "railfan" and "preservation" community is quite obvious.<p>It seems that these projects must be a "one-man" operation to get anything done - and the object d'affection must be something "glamorous" - to wit an NYC Niagara or Hudson. Nothing said for the lowly freight engine which retired the great steam god.<p>Give it up guys and get real! Work with what you got. If you want to dream - raise $1 megabuck & do what the chaps in England are doing - building a class "A" pacific replica.<p>Maybe reading (old back issues) of L&RP is the style of most "preservationists".<br>


Author:  Dave [ Thu Oct 22, 1998 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: D&H PA's

<br>Touche !!<br>


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