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Chesapeake & Ohio Kanawha 2-8-4's
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Author:  L Beckman [ Wed Dec 02, 1998 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Chesapeake & Ohio Kanawha 2-8-4's



Author:  L Beckman [ Wed Dec 02, 1998 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Chesapeake & Ohio Kanawha 2-8-4's

Attempt #2-<p>The Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum (which is<br>located in North Judson, Indiana) has a C&O 2-8-4<br>on its roster (#2789). I am attempting to find<br>out some information on this locomotive in par-<br>ticular and on C&O 2-8-4's in general as follows:<p> 1. I have seen photos of the famous whistle stop<br> campaign train of Harry Truman in 1948 which<br> travelled on the C&O between Lexington and<br> Ashland, Kentucky and which was headed up by<br> sister K-4 #2787. The train though was in<br> reality powered by DOUBLE HEADED 2-8-4's and<br> I am trying to find out if the other engine<br> could possibly have been the 2789. Does any-<br> one have a photo of this train showing the<br> second engine, OR any firm record of which<br> 2-8-4 was the second engine?<p> 2. Eugene L. Huddleston reported in his book on<br> VAN SWERINGEN BERKSHIRES that C&O K-4 #2738<br> "ended up with a smokebox door that looked as<br> if it had been designed to have air pumps <br> mounted on it, being completely flat except<br> for a long, oval access cover similar in<br> appearance to the center panels on K-3 Mikes<br> or F-19 Pacifics". Gene did not have a photo<br> of the 2738 in his book and I am trying to<br> find out if anyone out there has one of what<br> could have been the ugliest front end of a <br> 2-8-4 anywhere! Anyone out there have (or<br> know where the museum can get) a photo of <br> this engine showing this peculiar feature?<p>THANKS (and sorry for the false start)!<br>

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