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 Post subject: Re: East Broad Top Selling Off Hopper Cars
PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:30 am 

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I would be curious who all would buy them, obviously parts for some equipment, there are a few still operating narrow gauge places around, like Heston, Cumbres, etc.

Its not like getting a caboose however. But the Hoppers that were at Roanoke (standard Guage) did get moved for preservation, so off to some museums wouldnt be out of the ordinary. If EBT aver actually returned to mining they would need new cars, period.

Again, I don't think the line will be ever scrapped, this is a fund raising effort for sure.
Getting the cars out is another interesting matter.

 Post subject: Re: East Broad Top Selling Off Hopper Cars
PostPosted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:02 pm 

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Rather than sell for scrap, how about a sponsorship for a car? For a sum the car is restored to a certain level (higher donation, higher degree of restoration, the highest will see "your" car used on photo trains) and remains at the EBT for you to visit! Maybe even go so far as to repaint in various narrow gauge railroad lettering! D&RGW, RGS, WP&YR etc. just like the San Francisco PCC's painted for various streetcar systems.

 Post subject: Re: East Broad Top Selling Off Hopper Cars
PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:48 am 

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jdorn wrote:
I don't view this as a bad thing for the railroad. As it has been noted in a previous post, they have slowly been selling things off for years, equipment, land, etc.

Fear not - we've lost nothing since we have PICTURES! What more is needed other then pictures?



An excellent site by the way - explore when you have a chance - or if you never had the chance to see the EBT (especially the Mount Union Yards) despite it's survival into 2013.

 Post subject: Re: East Broad Top Selling Off Hopper Cars
PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:50 am 

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If we just had all the individual drawings for the parts and pieces to the rollingstock.

Maybe one day the owners will throw it all away and a few local railfans can go dig it from the trash and donate it to the Smithsonian and the moratorium on real EBT drawings will be over.

Loco112 (NarrowGaugeExchange Forum)

Our "paper" archives will be the future railfans only hope. We (yes you too!) should endeavor to preserve all the info needed to allow them 100% accuracy in the building of their recreations.

 Post subject: Re: East Broad Top Selling Off Hopper Cars
PostPosted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:56 pm 

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I believe the brasses were stolen and not put away for the railroad to use. I say this because many years ago we got a hot box on one of the cars we were using and we proceeded to search through the hoppers at Orbisonia to find a replacement. Fortunately we did find one and life went on.

The unfortunate cold hard truth about the future of the EBT boils down to, like most things in this world, money. Joe is a very astute business man and lets remember that is what he is.....a business man. Even in its dilapidated state there is value to what is left. How much value is an argument for another time. In very simple terms Joe wants millions for the railroad. The railroad, even just the current operable part, in turn needs millions to repair, restore, and maintain. As the saying goes, "Aye, there's the rub!". I just can't foresee anyone spending millions to buy something that then in turn requires millions more to fix in order to operate. An investment that you will never get a return on. I truly believe that this has been the stumbling block over the years for any attempt by any party to purchase the EBT.

I also believe that the EBT can be a self sustaining tourist operation after you spend the millions to get it up to snuff but you have to have the capital to invest knowing that your initial investment you will never see again. The one thing that the EBTPA has right is it needs to be a non-profit operation to succeed, but that requires everyone involved to be willing to give up "individual" ownership of the assets. I don't want to sound like a pessimist but unless the Kovalchick's are willing to GIVE the railroad, lock stock and barrel, over to a non-profit an operating EBT may be a thing of the past.

I will throw my hat into the ring, if I ever win hundreds of millions in the power ball I'll buy it and fix it! I don't need hundreds of millions to live on! Feel free to hold me to that, that is if you can find me.

Aaron Sholley

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