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EMD D12 Generator Alignment
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Author:  PCook [ Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  EMD D12 Generator Alignment

A friend pointed out to me this week that there are no alignment instructions for D12 and D22 generators in issues of EMD MI-1753 (Alignment of Rotating Equipment) since at least the 1970s. I went back and took a look at my 50-years ago notes, and from what I can see the procedure for aligning a D32 that is equipped with a D14 companion alternator, as listed in later MI's, should work adequately for D12 and D22 generators that have no other drive adapters. The readings for "X" dimension, the angular and the radial alignment all look correct.

When aligning this kind of generator keep in mind that the measuring point for the "X" dimension is the machined spot face where the top right bolt is located on the bearing cover. It is not measured from the head of the bolt.

On D12 generators with a compressor drive adapter the "X" dimension is measured from the bolt spot face to the outer rim of the coupling adapter.

Definitions of these terms and measurements are all provided in EMD MI-1753.

This information is posted to try to help out those with this older equipment. The original builder of this equipment is Progress Rail Locomotive Inc. (formerly EMD), 9301 West 55th Street, La Grange, IL 60525.


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