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CP FP7 4070 update
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Author:  Chemungvalleyrail [ Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:25 am ]
Post subject:  CP FP7 4070 update

Update on former CP FP7 #4070, the lead locomotive from the 1976 movie "Silver Streak". It was reported still around as of earlier this year, but faced a questionable fate. It would be a shame to see this locomotive, perhaps the most famous cab unit used in a major film to be scrapped. Preservation as "AMRoad" 4070 would be a popular attraction at a museum. I'd be willing to out in whatever effort is needed to see this one saved....

From Facebook:

"The locomotive did survive into 2017.... It has been reduced to a shell, .... however, the locomotive remains in grave danger.... Whether it survives this year is another story all together.....the locomotive (if it is still with us) can be found behind the offices of a local trucking company along Route 112, just northeast of the town of East Broughton, Quebec, Canada. I personally spoke representatives from one of the local short lines that serves the area. They confirmed that the locomotive was the only one remaining of the three that were at the facility. These aerial photos (from 2016) confirm the field reports I received. https://goo.gl/maps/xfrdXkW76Uv The intact locomotive that is near the mainline is the 1300 (nee CP 4070) The two pieces of equipment that look like they were derailed was the former D&H U23B and the 1302 (nee CP 4072). Both are now believed to be completely gone. An rebuilt Alco S2 is was scrapped a number of years ago. The 1300 and two passenger cars are all that supposedly now remains. The owner of the trucking company does take phone calls regarding the engine. The owner does not speak English, so you'll need to speak French or have a translator.

One person commented: "Thanks for the updates! I thought that they were long removed from Tring Jonction, but I guess they were just moved down the track.
I planned on making the drive out there last year, but I was told that they are all gone.
I'll definitely call the trucking owner (through a translator) before I make the 8+ hour trek out to Quebec."

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