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GE 25 ton Gardner Denver ACM compressor replacement
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Author:  Pegasuspinto [ Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:19 pm ]
Post subject:  GE 25 ton Gardner Denver ACM compressor replacement

At the Arkansas Railroad Museum, our 25 ton GE's compressor is very, very shot. Pistons are worn and cylinders have some pretty serious damage. Pistons/cylinders are either crazy expensive or NLA new. Looked at a Quincy compressor, but the overall length is too much. Has anyone found a currently available replacement that fits, or does anyone have pistons/cylinders for one they would part with?

Author:  John Risley [ Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: GE 25 ton Gardner Denver ACM compressor replacement

A few years ago I picked up a GD ACM for something like $5. It was froze tight. Took it a part and it was beyond gone. I save everything and there were maybe two salvageable parts. One was the head which looked very good and maybe a casting or two. Rods, pistons, cyl, crank all bad order. I mean junk. I scrapped it and saved the head as it looked worthwhile. Finally I just took it in with the scrap as I am the only one I know who finds old recips interesting. Two weeks later the valves on the ACM went out on the GE 44 ton at my museum. I had restored another old compressor and did the detective work finding parts and was able to send our mechanic in the right direction and the parts were found. In your case I would keep looking around and be the detective you may find one on the loose. They are small and used in industrial settings so these old things do show up at auctions. Just need to be looking at the right time and place.

Sorry can't help you with a complete compressor and it sounds like you need a new/used one. Once the hard parts are ruined it doesn't pay to try and fix them unless you have a bunch of donor pumps handy. I kept the builders plate off the pump it is the only surviving part. Sold the 80 gal tank last year. Mine was industrial not RR But a ACM is a ACM. Good luck you just got to keep looking. I may have seen another one in last two months at online auction but I skipped right over it as I didn't need one or was I looking for one. Same auction I got steam valve seating kit and #60 IR rivet gun kit complete with wooden suit case, 14 rivet snaps and chalking tool, and bucking ram. So you can find some good stuff while looking for your compressor. It took a few years to find my steam tools and you got to be patient but these things are out there. Of course maybe some museum out in the internet land has an extra laying around too. Good luck. John.

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