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State-Sponsored Historic Demolition (Old Alcos VErsion)
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Author:  dinwitty [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: State-Sponsored Historic Demolition (Old Alcos VErsion)

PCook wrote:
Pegasuspinto wrote:
A lot of standby generators go out of the country to become prime power in some 3rd world country, so replacing one for 'emissions' does 'nothing' if they go from 25 hours a year runtime to 24 hours a day runtime..

You hit that one exactly Robert.

In the last few years dozens of 1960s era EMD MP36 and MP45 housed generating units retired from peaking plants in the Northeastern US have been shipped out for use as base load power plants in South America where they are typically operated 5X to 10X the hours per day they were in the United States.

They were supposed to be replaced by clean energy generation sources which have been consistently blocked by the local rich folks who do not want wind turbines or fields of solar panels within their view. So all this week in the low temperatures we are hearing from the media about how the area is in a "power crisis".

I can remember when there was a debate over the risk to health posed by high voltage transmission lines. All of that panic suddenly disappeared when wind energy that required stringing transmission lines all over the landscape for collection and distribution became fashionable.


Heres your wire stringing *-]


drilling a hole would mean destruction but you could easily weld that back. If your not going to run those engines on a regular basis why not a donation to a museum where they won't run at least not on a regular basis.

Author:  Pegasuspinto [ Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: State-Sponsored Historic Demolition (Old Alcos VErsion)

If you fix the damage, keep it on the down low. If they get the idea that the damage won't stop it from being used again, they will up the damage requirement. A few for museums and heritage railways probably won't matter but if it spreads out to commercial use, I guarantee they will write stricter requirements and ensure the total destruction, including spares for other engines.

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