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 Post subject: Do it all (almost) wood epoxy
PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 7:56 pm 

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Over the last 5 years or so the woodworkers at the IRM have developed some glue solutions I thought I would share.
For those of you out there having to deal with old spongy wood you may have already used PC-ROT TERMINATOR. A two part clear liquid similar to casting resin. Excellent for soaking into soft wood on the verge of crumbling. Nice long cure time as a paint, up to a day or two at temperatures below 60 deg. F. A few hours if let stand in a cup.

From the same company a two part putty that can be used to fill voids.
Nice in the fact that it will not get too hard or brittle. Can be filed, chiseled etc. very much like hardwood. At 70 F it sets up much faster, starts to get hard to work in around 45 min.

The thing we have found to be exceptionally useful is that the two products are compatible. That is after you correctly mix both, they can then be mixed together to get any viscosity you like.
Around 6 years ago we started having trouble getting the same Resorcinol glue. Some substitutes and “new formulas” we found to be week and very brittle. As we use it heavily for sash and door rebuilding we started experimentation with the two PC products mentioned.
Mixing up the putty then adding the liquid to get something like thick pancake batter worked great as a mortise and tenon glue. Painting the liquid on the joint surfaces first as sort of a primer a few min. prior to buttering the joint with the “batter” seems to help adhesion.
Loose tenons at the bottom of existing windows are re set by drilling a few small holes and injecting a mix the consistency of honey into the joint before re-clamping. We found some large disposable syringes at the local farm and barn store for that.
The liquid is often also added a little to the putty to extend the working time. I use a mortar board and have the straight putty and liquid available while fixing older wood things to do both work. Clean up tools etc. with denatured alcohol.
Anyone else out there using epoxy for building wood windows and doors?

 Post subject: Re: Do it all (almost) wood epoxy
PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 11:02 am 

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Wood restoration epoxy is nothing new, we have been using this in the restoration field for years, great product; ... intenance/

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