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State Belt Railroad #4
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Author:  ted66 [ Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  State Belt Railroad #4

Several years ago, when the Heeber Creeper Railroad folded up in Utah the State Belt Railroad #4 was brought back to the SF Bay Area. If memory serves she was built by Vulcan Iron Works in 19.

Now i have lost track of where she is and what is happening with her.

Anyone have any recent news? I do not see her listed on steamlocomotive.com

Ted 66

Author:  sc 'doc' lewis [ Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: State Belt Railroad #2

Based on Don Strack's extensive information on UtahRails, the Heber Creeper never had State Belt Railroad #2. He does list State Belt Railroad #4 (which never made it up the road into Heber, but was stored for a period of time in SLC). His latest information was as of January 2013. The referred-to website page of San Francisco Trains latest information was the photo taken in 1995 at the time of movement.

From Mr. Strack's website UtahRails.net:

State Belt No. 4

(not moved to Heber)

Built by Vulcan Iron Works in 1911
Sold in 1932 to Modesto & Empire Traction No. 5
Sold in 1938 to A. D. Schader, San Francisco, California
Sold to Permanente Cement as no. 400, Permanente, California
Sold in 1942 to U. S. Army as no. 6956, Lathrop, California
Sold in 1946 to M. Davidson Company; moved to company's salvage yard in Stockton, California, and stored along with Sacramento Valley & Eastern 2-6-2T No. 2 and Yosemite Lumber Shay No. 4
Ownership of M. Davidson Company passed to Levin Metals and Steel Corporation in the mid 1960s.
Donated on April 30, 1969 to Promontory Chapter, National Railway Historical Society in Salt Lake City, Utah
Moved to Salt Lake City in December 1971. (Pacific News, January 1972, page 8-9)
Never moved to Heber; ownership remained with Promontory Chapter.
Sold to Golden Gate Railroad Museum in 1995; loaded on heavy duty flat car on November 13, 1995; arrived at Hunters Point on December 1, 1995; restoration begun, with partial dismantling, while stored at Hunters Point
State Belt No. 4 ownership changed to San Francisco Trains in 2005, at the time the GGRM collection was moved to Pacific Locomotive Association's Niles Canyon location
State Belt No. 4 was moved directly from Hunter's Point to multiple storage locations in the south San Francisco area; as of January 2013, it is stored at the former Southern Pacific Bayshore yards, near the old roundhouse.

(Read more about State Belt No. 4 at SanFranciscoTrains.com)

The website SanFrancisco Trains has a separate page (dated 2015?) for volunteers working on No. 4 and now refers you to find updated information on their facebook page. The most recent entry regarding No. 4 was in 2018.

Don't know if this updates any of the information you have or not.


sc 'doc' lewis

Author:  Brian Norden [ Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: State Belt Railroad #2

The link quoted from UtahRails has a typing error.

The actual UtahRails site does point to the correct url: http://sanfranciscotrains.org/SBRR4_Index.html

P. S. I have sent Don Strack of UtahRails an email noting that this typing error occurred.

Author:  ted66 [ Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: State Belt Railroad #4

Thank you for updating my information. I wish SF Trains good luck with their restoration, the last time I saw the locomotive it was a pile of parts on a flat car at Hunters Point in San Francisco.

That M. Davidson Company in Stockton must have been something in the early 1970s; in addition to the locomotives mentioned, they had the Central California Traction #7 box motor, which they donated to the Bay Area Electric Railway Association. It has been restored and sees frequent service at the Western Railway Museum.

Ted Miles

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