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Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed
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Author:  rlsteam [ Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

The Keokuk Union Depot Foundation is in the midst of a second multi-year capital campaign of $550,000 to meet a Jeffris Family Foundation challenge grant of $275,000. This campaign is directed to restoration of exterior masonry, the waiting room tile floor, and the trackside train shed (canopy). As the first phase of this project, the train shed is being restored. Lead paint has been removed from the support work and ceiling and replaced with a finish to simulate the original bare metal. The roof has been repainted to match the color of the Depot's roof tiles. Several of the iron trusses supporting the roof are being re-fabricated, and when they are in place the lower iron work will be finished in a color matching the original. Here are photos (courtesy Damon Cackley, one of the paint crew) of the current state of the train shed with the refinished roof.

2021-11-23_Train_Shed_Roof_Painting_Damon_Cackley_View1.jpg [ 124.02 KiB | Viewed 2660 times ]
2021-11-23_Train_Shed_Roof_Painting_Damon_Cackley_View2.jpg [ 126.86 KiB | Viewed 2660 times ]
2021-11-23_Train_Shed_Roof_Painting_Damon_Cackley_View3.jpg [ 118 KiB | Viewed 2660 times ]

Author:  rlsteam [ Thu Mar 31, 2022 12:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

Two damaged support column bases had been removed for re-fabrication by an Alabama firm (a third base was also removed as a pattern). In December 2021 the re-fabricated bases were put in place. In March 2022 the iron support columns were reattached between the bases and the roof support structure. (In architectural circles the upper support structure is known as the "eyebrow" style.) (Photo credits: Neal Vogel; Mark Stanley and Sean Rockelman)

Support Column Base Re-fabricated.jpg
Support Column Base Re-fabricated.jpg [ 220.11 KiB | Viewed 2104 times ]
Support Column Replaced.jpg
Support Column Replaced.jpg [ 170.06 KiB | Viewed 2104 times ]

Author:  Les Beckman [ Thu Mar 31, 2022 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

Richard -

Update greatly appreciated. Restoration progress even more so.


Author:  nedsn3 [ Sat Apr 02, 2022 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

Beautiful depot and restoration. Wish some others could have been saved (Ex: Portland Maine).

Author:  rlsteam [ Sat Oct 01, 2022 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

The train shed has now been fully restored. (Photo by Neal Vogel)

2022-09-21 Train Shed Restoration NVogel View2.jpg
2022-09-21 Train Shed Restoration NVogel View2.jpg [ 146.86 KiB | Viewed 990 times ]

Author:  Les Beckman [ Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

Richard -

Beautiful train shed restoration that really "caps off" the fantastic restoration of the Depot itself. I know that the short line railroad uses the tracks in front of the depot for storage and/or switching, but I wonder if there might be any thought to seeking funds to build a track on the other side of that yard for the short line, so that the track immediately in front of the station could be kept open. Maybe even spot a passenger car or two there one day.


Author:  rlsteam [ Tue Oct 04, 2022 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Restoration of Keokuk Union Depot Train Shed

Les -- There are four tracks in front of the Depot that were owned by the Keokuk Union Depot Company and are part of Pioneer Lines (Keokuk Junction Railway). Then there are two outer tracks used by BNSF. KJRY uses the Depot trackage to store and maintain railcars. There is an agreement whereby the mayor of Keokuk can request that the cars be moved from the four tracks twice a year for special events (last time was August 20). Hopefully the new owners of Pioneer Lines (Patriot Rail) will keep the same agreement. People often complain about the stored railcars blocking the view of the Mississippi from the Depot, but I remind them that many restored depots do not even have any railroad trackage by them due to abandonments. Keokuk's Depot is located on an active railroad and, to me, that is a plus in spite of having those railcars there.

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