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 Post subject: New Hope and Ivyland 0-6-0 #9 being scrapped!?
PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 1999 11:14 am 

There was a posting on the Railfan WWWBoard that New Hope and Ivyland #9 (ex US Army #616) was being scrapped, along with some Reading coaches. Can anyone confirm this? <p>It is incredible that a steam locomotive and some Reading coaches are being scrapped in 1999! While we have complained about the condition of rolling stock at museums, and whether such-and-such should that this engine or that; it all seems a mute issue compared to this.

Surviving World Steam Locomotives

 Post subject: Is it a rumor? It will be the 2nd one cut up there in modern
PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 1999 12:24 pm 

I don't want to sound too negative but this is history repeating itself. If my memory serves me correctly they bought two 0-6-0's #7 & #9 and they cut up #7 "so they would have parts to keep #9 running". If this is true these jokers should be put out of business. Maybe it is just a rumor and we should not start throwing rocks at them.<p>Tom Gears<p><br>

 Post subject: Re: Is it a rumor? It will be the 2nd one cut up there in mo
PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 1999 10:43 pm 

If those jokers did cut up a steam locomotive to make another run they were completely ignorant! If you have 2 identical locomotives and you want one to run, strip the non-op one, then dress it up for display (stuffed & mounted). Then use the parts to keep the second running. It would be absolutely stupid to scrap a steam locomotive. There are always parks that are willing to take a locomotive for display, they don't care if there aren't any parts on it, as long as it looks like a steamer.<p>Johnathon Kruger<br>Steam Department<br>Niles Canyon Railway<br>

 Post subject: Re: Is it a rumor? It will be the 2nd one cut up there in mo
PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 1999 11:05 pm 

At the time they cut up number 7 I was told it had to do with the man running the NH&I and the man who owned the engine and not parts.<br>

 Post subject: Re: Is it a rumor? It will be the 2nd one cut up there in mo
PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 1999 8:37 am 

Lets all remember that the No. 7 was scrapped long before the previous management took over. I can't belive that NH&I would scrap an engine that just a few years ago recived heavy firebox and boiler repairs. The reason that the rebuilding wasn't completed, I'm told, is that the Mexican 4-8-4 lease agreement was completed and money for the No. 9 was diverted towards that engine. The No. 9 was always too small for NH&I's needs, anyhow. I heard recently that the 0-6-0 was for sale...still needs quite a bit of work to run, though.<p>Jeff Terry<br>

 Post subject: Let's all notch our throttle down a bit...
PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 1999 10:08 am 

I sent an email to the NH&IR trying to confirm or deny the scrapping of #9. Will let you know if I get a reply. <p>And not to type any disparaging remarks, but the poster who sent that message has been the "Inspector Closeau" (i.e. man of 1000 disguises) on the RailfanWWW Board. He has misrepresented himself by posting under a variety of different names, including, Ross E. Rowland, Andy Muller, Therman Madiera (VP Reading & Northern), Donald S. Duck (a 94 year-old engineer who used to run Alleghenies for the C &O) and a cast of about 10 other characters. So I wouldn't put too much stock in all of this. I think he's just pulling your whistle cord.<p>Mike S.<br>

 Post subject: Re: Thanks for the throttle-down
PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 1999 1:15 pm 

Mike,<p>I don't pay that much attention to the Railfan WWW Board, so thanks for the heads-up about the poster. I apoligize in advance if this nothing but a bunch of smoke; please let us know when you get a reply.

Surviving World Steam Locomotives

 Post subject: Re: Thanks for the throttle-down
PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 1999 5:59 am 

I was at NH&I just six weeks ago and saw the engine in question; it is stored disassembled in the open air behind the enginehouse, along with CN 4-6-0 1533. To a causal inspection, it might look like they were being scrapped: when I say stored diassembled and unservicable, I mean really disassembled.<p>NH&I went through very hard times in the late 70s and early 80s under previous owners, but the current owners Bucks County Railroad Preservation& Restoration Corp., have an excellent track record. For a brief review of the line's history, see my article in the Pennsylvania Travel section on John Craft's Steam Central.<p>In general terms, can I second the notion of a throttle-down? All of us who have been activley involved in preservation have skeletons in our closet to a greater or lessor degree: jobs we wish had been done differently, or better, or not at all, if it weren't for restraints of time, money or personalities.<p>When prowling somebody else's property with camera in hand it's easy to see what that group may have done wrong, or may not have the resources to do right to day. It's also easy to take for granted what has been achieved. But before levelling both barrels at anybody I'd recommend a long heart to heart with experienced peole at the operation in question, and a real attempt to understand any historical, fiscal, and other constraints they may have been under. Once you've looked into the situation levelly and throughly, then a tempered judgement may be formed and offered. Until you have, however, you run the risk of blasting off without knowing all the facts.<p>This applies to NH&I (complicated history there) and MOT alike in my book. Another case in point: does Wilmington & Western wish they had had flood insurance? You betchya!!!! Are they scurvy dogs unworthy to have a railroad becuase they didn't? Not at all. They are a very good volunteer preserved tourist railroad which could not afford flood insurance. They had to roll the dice, and very sadly came up snake-eyes. They doesn't make them idiots or bad stewards, however.<p>In the new year, I hope we can see a little more look before we leap on this board. Just my .02 cents.<br>

 Post subject: Re: Thanks for the throttle-down
PostPosted: Mon Apr 19, 1999 11:31 pm 

If all they're doing is stripping down a locomotive for major overhaul and boiler work that's okay. The Niles Canyon Railway has two locomotives that are currently completely dissassembled (boilers removed from frames and drivers removed for turning). I understand that at first glance these locomotives (Sierra Railway #30, 2-6-2 & Steptoe Valley Mining & Smelting #3, 0-4-0T) look as though they are being scrapped. In essence they are undergoing long-term (about 10 year) overhauls. The #30 will be just as good as it was when she left Baldwin in 1924 when we're done.<p>Also undergoing complete restoration on the Niles Canyon Railway are Robert Dollar Lumber Co #3, 2-6-2T and ex-Southern Pacific #1269, 0-6-0. We are operating the old Quincy Railroad Company #2, 2-6-2T. The problem with steam locomotives are that they are expensive to overhaul. Many railfans don't understand that when you overhaul a steam locomotive without an indoor shop, the area around the locomotive(s) can look almost like a scrappers yard. Keep that in mind next time you see a boiler up on blocks and a frame sitting next to it missing the drivers.<p>Johnathon Kruger<br>Steam Department <br>Niles Canyon Railway<br><br>

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