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Author:  Hume Kading [ Tue Apr 14, 1998 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Welcome to the Interchange

Welcome to the Interchange Dicussion Board!<p>As you already know, the original idea for this belongs to Mike Jarvis and Jeff Ford of the Texas Panhandle Railroad Historical Society. Our intent is to create a forum for serious discussions about railway history and preservation.<p>We want this discussion board to be a serious but enjoyable place for people to talk about things we all have a common, and frequesntly passionate, interst in. This is your opportunity to share what you know with others in the preservation community, and maybe learn something new yourself.<p>To start things off I'd like to suggest each new visitor post their name, organization (if you don't have one that's OK), and their interests.<p>Let me apologize for the rules section. Unfortunately, these boards can easily deteriorate and deviate from their intended purpose, usually as the result of the immaturity of a few misguided individuals.<p>We will no doubt have our share and the rules are aimed at those few. Hopefully, some features included in the discussion board software will enable us to exclude those people from posting, and/or even track repeated violators down and take legal action against them.<p>As for the the other 99% of you normal, well adjusted, mature individuals, if you see an errant post please don't respond to it. It only encourages the postee who is seeking attention. If you see something that really bothers you, please notify me (Hume Kading, Board Moderator, real name and valid e-mail address posted with this message).<p>When posting please stay within the guidelines and observe the rules. Lets make this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.<p>Thanks,<p>Hume Kading<br>Webmaster, Railway Preservation News<br>(hkading@rypn.org)<br>Main interests are steam engines and roundhouses, but I like it all.

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