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Re: 833 move
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Author:  mike shirk [ Sun May 03, 1998 4:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 833 move

yes i know, but could the 833's frame integrity have possibly been comprimised by attempting such a move since the engine was suspended for a much longer period of time than a typical shop move would have entailed. i've never seen an engine transported this way before. could the speed of 20mph combined with uneven road surfaces cause any kind of twisting, flexing or jarring of the frame? still curious.<p>regards, mike shirk<br>


Author:  H. Pincus [ Wed May 13, 1998 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 833 move

Locomotives with cast engine beds (frames) have enormous strength and rigidity in the frame- that was why they were such an improvement over the fabricated loco frames. One of the most important items to be concerned with when picking up a steam locomotive is whether or not the pedestal binders are applied (and are tight). Yes, the binders have to be removed to drop the drivers, but if a loco is going to sit on blocks without drivers for any length of time, the binders should be installed. 833 most likely had the binders in place during its lift and move.<br>


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