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Author:  Rudd Long [ Wed May 13, 1998 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Amen

<br>Jim, Dave, as usual, is dead on. Emotional attachment, and splinter groups can burden a museum with stuff that shouldn't be considered as a good cantidate for bonfire kindling. At the risk of offending, the plywood prototype (on rubber tires) for the BART cars was passionatly shipped to Miami Florida, and "preserved" (read rotted slowly), till the only good act of Hurricane Andrew ended the pain. <br>We can't go after what we can't take care of, meaning get under a roof, or at least reasonably keep a tarp over. A museum has to have a COHERENT collections policy, not folks running around dragging stuff back. Individual members will always be disappointed about this piece or that one not being acquired, but then end result is that what is acquired is needed, and taken care of, and the place doesn't look like an untended scrapyard. Just my 2cents worth. <br>

Author:  Dennis Hogan [ Thu May 14, 1998 1:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Amen

Possession is not entirely rational. Many museums will insist until the day some piece of equipment rusts apart that they were the best caretaker for it. The more enlightened approach is trade or sell what is not important or can never be truly cared for. That's not a popular notion with "gotta have it" railfans.<p><br>

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