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26-FNL parts, manual wanted
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Author:  EDM [ Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:41 pm ]
Post subject:  26-FNL parts, manual wanted

I involved in upgrading a unit to 26-FNL air and am looking for the following parts:

1) 26-C brake valve
1) 6-FNR distributing valve, with combination reservoir and pipe bracket (AKA "pig")
1) MU-2A valve
1) F-1 selector valve

Also, for a related project, I need a 26 brake stand, for a road switcher; not the valve, but the steel cabinet that the valve mounts in.

(added 4/6/08) I'm also looking for documentation and manuals on this system. The only thing I've seen is a one page NYAB ad in the '80 Loco and Car Cyc. I did contact NYAB and WABCO some time ago, and WABCO sent me a PDF of a 1974 paper by the Pittsburg Air Brake Club, on an early version applied to a Monnesson Southwestern SW-7-

But nothing more recent. eBay is full of 6, 8, 24 and 26 manuals, even AML for gas-electrics, but nothing for 26-FNL. I'm wondering if any manuals were ever printed fro 26-FNL.

I know the system works, a friend has it on four or five Geeps.

E.D. Moxley
Amsterdam Leasing


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