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Box of old "Eleanor Ps"
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Author:  derick [ Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Box of old "Eleanor Ps"


Long time since I have haunted this forum, as I am pretty much out of the whole preservation game. I recognize a few names, but not that many!

Going through my garage (Spring cleaning after the start of summer!), I came upon an old treasure. A box of old "Locomotive & Railway Preservation" (aka "LuRP" or "Eleanor P") magazines. It is time to cut them loose, and rather than let them become part of the landfill, I figure that someone here might have an interest in them, especially if they missed this treasure trove of preservation information the first time around.

My collection is far from complete, probably about thirty issues. Not mint condition, but well read; a couple of dog-ears and crinkles here and there.

On a quick Google search, I see Pentrex is selling back issues (from the time they finally drove the poor girl into the ground) at three bucks a pop, and someone is selling other back issues on e-Bay at five per.

I want these to go to a good home where they will be read and hopefully used as a reference tool. Someone getting into preservation, a preservation site's library, or some other useful place for these.

And, I plan to send them to their good new home for merely the price of postage (and maybe a bit on top for the box!) I am not looking to make any sort of killing on these, I simply want the valuable information held within to be used for the betterment of rail preservation.

If you are seriously interested and NOT someone trying to resell, contact me either through this forum or via a personal message.

If I have a potential recipient, we can discuss particulars. I want this collection to go as a whole, and not do a lot of individual send outs to fill someone else's missing issues.

my e-mail address is fwsturke@pacbell.net


Derick Sturke
Sierra RR West End

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