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Union Pacific Acquires Big Boy 4014
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Author:  Rainier Rails [ Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Union Pacific Acquires Big Boy 4014

Bob Davis wrote:
I remember seeing Last of the Giants at a gathering in a public library. This was back in the days of 16mm sound movies. There's one scene showing one of the 4-8-8-4s running through open country, and the engineer blows the whistle, which reverberates across the landscape. I sent chills down my spine! A voice from the past! And if UP still has one of those whistles (it may have been a "steamboat chime" whistle, with a deep tone) it will live again.

It'll be interesting to hear what the 4014 will sound like with the acoustics of say, a place like the Columbia River Gorge! Each canyon and river gorge has a different sound to it, a different way that the echoes carry. The 4014 will have a stunning, awe-inspiring sound, no matter where on the UP system he travels! An old-fashioned, audio-only recording taken from an open vestibule window will be a must-have! When he comes west on the OSL, I won't miss that!

Author:  NW Class J [ Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Union Pacific Acquires Big Boy 4014

The 4000's and 3900's and the 800's carried Hancock long bell 3 chimes distributed by Manning, Maxwell & Moore...I forget when but they absorbed Hancock. The UP has access to plenty of whistles saved from the 4000's/3900's so the 4014 will sound as she should when she sounds off after all these years. I think back in 2011 or 12 the 844 was carrying a whistle off a 4000 on one of it's trips, it sounded a bit smoother to my ears...nice and deep but smooth.

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