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Bakken Oil on the ex-Milwaukee Road Coast Division?
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Author:  railfan261 [ Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:58 am ]
Post subject:  Bakken Oil on the ex-Milwaukee Road Coast Division?

No, this is no late April Fool "news" gag. Instead, it is a random "what if" question: If the Milwaukee Road Coast Division remained wholly intact west of Miles City, MT, and was owned by the BNSF, would it have been a good conduit for westbound Bakken oil traffic? I know it is a pipe dream, but it would be lovely if the Coast Division got rebuilt by the BNSF so it had a "safety valve" for all that excess traffic they are getting out of the Bakken fields.

Yes, yes, I know BNSF's corporate bean counters would have a coronary over the cost of rebuilding and maintaining the old Milwaukee Road, to say nothing of NIMBY's arguing against all that oil passing through their towns, but as the Beach Boys sang: "Wouldn't it be nice?"

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