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Recent images of the UP 844
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Author:  Brian Norden [ Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Recent images of the UP 844

Lincoln Penn wrote:
Frisco1522 wrote:
I think its time for me to wander off into the sunset.
Happy Thanksgiving RYPN.
Yep. You, me and a couple of others who lurk here and laugh at some of the goofy stuff some people come up with can take our decades of combined steam experience someplace else.

It's falling on deaf ears and closed minds here, anyway.

I am reminded of people who try to fix things that are not broken, and end up breaking them in the process by trying to fix them when they should have been left alone.

Idle curiosity is not a valid reason to take things apart to the last rivet, nut, bolt and washer just because someone wonders what the inside looks like.

Happy Thanksgiving, Don.

Stay and lurk and when the mood strikes, please post.
I value the comments of those with experience and knowledge.

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