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Passenger suing RRHS chapter & railroads over excursion trip
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Author:  eshock [ Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Passenger suing RRHS chapter & railroads over excursion trip

I'm surprised this hasn't already been picked up on this board, especially as it could (potentially) have ramifications for excursion trips in the future - from Amtrak's and other railroads willingness to cooperate to demands by insurance company underwriters. From what I gathered from this article, a passenger remained on board during the 2013 Autumn New River Train excursion, and was injured (knocked off her feet?) when the locomotives coupled back up to the train after making the runaround move:

Whether her complaint is legitimate or frivolous, this is a case that those who have anything to do with excursion trips may want to follow. I almost posted this to the "Interchange" board, but decided to post it here as its more excursion oriented and less preservation oriented, but there is plenty of crossover between those two realms. I'm simply sharing this article to share knowledge to those who may be interested in following this case.


Author:  Alan Walker [ Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Passenger suing RRHS chapter & railroads over excursion

I would be curious to know where she was when she was injured. Was she seated or was she standing? Was she inside a passenger coach or standing in the vestibule. From a risk assessment standpoint, the vestibule is probably the most dangerous part of any passenger coach and permitting passengers to congregate in the vestibule is something that should be discouraged from a safety perspective.

In all my years of railroading, the only passenger injury that I had to deal with was as conductor on one of TVRM's trains and a female passenger suffered a minor head injury. Guess where she was standing? In the vestibule of course. Something happened to throw her off balance and she struck her forehead against the collision post. There was no sign of concussion but she did receive a minor cut. Brakeman informed me of the incident and I went back, rendered first aid and made a report. Nothing else came of it but it made me a firm believer in the old railroad policy of not permitting passengers to ride in the vestibule.

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