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UP 9000 Potential Restoration Candidate?
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Author:  p51 [ Mon Jul 25, 2022 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: UP 9000 Potential Restoration Candidate?

Overmod wrote:
Much of the serious ragging is no more... so why not try what they did:
Number 1 would have to be make sure the people who own the locomotive are inclined in any way to hand it over to anyone for restoration. Without that, you're not going anywhere.
This would be your biggest hurdle.
Put yourself in the shoes of the RailGiants Museum. They've already lost their biggest exhibit (UP 4014), probably forever. Why would they want to lose what is likely their second biggest draw after 4014? What motivation could one give to them so that they'd release 9000 for good?

Author:  Overmod [ Thu Jul 28, 2022 1:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: UP 9000 Potential Restoration Candidate?

RailGiants might not be any less receptive than the City of Nashville was regarding 576. From very early on, they made it clear that anyone wanting to do anything with 576 needed to have millions of dollars in bonding (it might have been $2M early on, and went to $4M by the time planning for restoration kicked off.

Presumably RailGiants would retain right and title to the locomotive, and receive as part of their 'compensation' the complete restoration to operability. Any actual excursions only increase name recognition for the museum; if the excursions stop, the engine is in full shape to be preserved "correctly". (I might add that if the 'special running and storage facility' I discussed as desirable earlier is built on RailGiants property... perhaps with an ope curtained side or 'glass wall' as an exhibit... there's another win-win.

Remember what I said about credibility. This would not a plan to take the engine away from its current 'home', except insofar as work done in specialized conditions or at an equipped shop/facility benefits all parties.

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