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 Post subject: Garysburg NC loco under highway
PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 1998 3:38 am 

Some time ago there was a news blurb about the discovery of what appeared to be an old steam locomotive under the intersection of Rte 301 and some other road in Garysburg NC, seemingly used as fill material. Some of my synapses seem to recall it was described as an early 4-4-0 or something like that. <p>What ever became of this story ? It seemed legit at the time<br>but then it fell off the face of the earth and no further news.<p>Bill <br>

 Post subject: Re: Garysburg NC loco under highway
PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 1998 5:58 pm 

According to Wes Barris' North American Steam Locomotive list, the locomotive is at the intersection of US 301 & 186 in Garysburg. "Iron Dave" has mentioned to me that it was a construction locomotive (a small, sometimes narrow gauge locomotive used in the initial construction of a railroad line to move supplies and crews.)<p>It seems to be widely acknowleged that it is there, but as you said, that's been extent of it.<p>-James Hefner

Surviving World Steam Locomotives

 Post subject: Another Loco Under highway, in CA
PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 1998 8:34 pm 

Just in case you haven't heard about it, there is a Shay under highway 70 in the Feather River Canyon near the Belden powerhouse. It is shown in some Highway department maps. A few years ago, when the river wiped out the highway, we were hopin it would be uncovered, and maybe removed, but alas, no historians were allowed in during the rebuild (Which was done very quickly to get the road open again).<br>S'<br>David D.<br>

 Post subject: Another possibility, near Dunsmuir, CA
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 1998 1:14 pm 

Hi again,<br> I was thinking about this some more today, and remembered some years back I found a corner of a tender sticking out of the riverbank south of Dunsmuir, around Soda Springs. I was told that during a flood back in the '30s or '40s that some old locos were used as rip-rap. <br> I actually climbed around a bit on what was out, but you couldn't tell much, and I believe it's again buried, but maybe there's some SP relic waiting to be discovered. <br> In Redding, under the Dieslhorst (sp?) bridge there is supposed to be a pre 1900 engine that fell off a trestle, buried in the mud under the Sacramento river. There has been talk for years of recovering it. The Shasta Rail Group may be talking about it again, I'm not certain.<br>S'<br>David D.<br>

 Post subject: Locomotives used as rip-rap, Berwick Bay locomotive collecti
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 1998 10:29 pm 

A steam locomotive is said to be part of the fill used in the levee system around the Atchafalaya River Basin in Louisiana. I have never seen it; and have never heard a confirmation of it.<p>An equally interesting story I have heard is that several steam locomotives were shoved into Berwick Bay near Morgan City, LA during the civil war to prevent their capture by the opposite side. Once again, I have never have had this story confirmed.<p>What I have "confirmed" is that there is also an 0-6-0 with a leaky throttle that ran itself off the swing bridge approach and into Berwick Bay. A diver inspecting a natural gas pipeline in the area has seen the train.<p>It would seem unlikely that any of these will be raised; the river here is deep, swift, and very muddy, making recovery very hazardous and expensive. However, my uncle, who lives about 20 miles down the track, has heard talk of raising the 0-6-0.<p>-James Hefner

Surviving World Steam Locomotives

 Post subject: Re: Locomotives used as rip-rap, Berwick Bay locomotive coll
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 1998 10:42 pm 

Just a few comments on Canadian National lost locomotives:<br>I remember talking to an old-timer in Alberta about a CNR 4-8-4 that derailed and fell several hundred feet down a canyon in Red Pass Junction, British Columbia. He said she&#146;s still there, though I&#146;ve never read anything to confirm this. On a slightly more modern note, I&#146;ve read of two CN F7A diesels (and a few other types) that met similar fates. No. 9108 and three Geeps derailed off the Birdtale Creek bridge near Uno, Manitoba, in 1968, burned and were buried on the spot by the railway. Secondly, another F7 (No. 9092) is reportedly stuck in the Fraser River Canyon bottom near Boston Bar, B.C., with a SD-40 after a fatal 1971 wreck. Any photos of these locomotives?<br>Kevin Franchuk<br><br>

 Post subject: Re: Locomotives used as fill in Ringtown Pa
PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 1998 11:37 pm 

Rumors still fly that several turn of the century camelbacks were used as fill when the Ringtown trestle on the Catawissa branch of the Reading railroad was filled. james Holton's "Reading Company, History of a Coal Age Empire" documents the existance of the rumor, but does not verify the rumor. I live very near to the fill, which is still there, and it is quite large, and very well could contain locomotives. Part of the fill (the south end) was dug up years ago for the culm that was used in the fill, but the north end is the larger part. The fill was laid from south to north, so if the locomotives WERE dumped, it would have been on the north end.<br>

 Post subject: Locomotives used as riprap
PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 1998 11:36 am 

Four of the White Pass & Yukon locomotives, 4-6-0s #s 60, 62, & 67, and 2-8-0 # 61 were used as riprap in the Skagway River in 1951. I have a picture, I believe, from Cy Martin's book about the WP&Y that shows some of them and their tenders.<br>

 Post subject: Re: WP&Y Locomotives used as riprap
PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 1998 3:46 am 

According to the WP&Y Railfan mailing archive (see link below), No. 60 was removed in 1990. It is supposively dumped in the weeds next to the old roundhouse at Skagway.<p>On Bruce Pryor's website at, in the Early Steam folder, he shows a locomotive he calls No. 61 lying on it's side at Skagway. I assume this is actually No. 60?<p>(Bob, please forgive me if I am "stealing stuff" from your future WP&Y article.)<p>-James Hefner<br>

WP&Y Railfan Mailing list, July

 Post subject: Re: WP&Y Locomotives used as riprap
PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 1998 3:25 pm 

The picture I mentioned on the other website was of 2-8-0 #61; it obviously is a 2-8-0. The one that has been removed from the fill is in weeds too tall to be photographed; I assume it is a 4-6-0.<p>The below picture is of one of the 4-6-0s; I assume one that is still buried. ("Buried" would appear to be a misnomer, since both 61 and this 4-6-0 are clearly visible. It was on the White Pass News page at ... t/wpyr.htm. Hefner<br>


 Post subject: Lost locomotives
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 1998 12:32 pm 

<br>Don't forget there is an intact Santa Fe 2-8-2 in the Kansas (Kaw) River near the Santa Fe bridge in Topeka, Kansas. Another 2-8-2 and a 2-6-2 also fell in during the 1951 flood, but the protruding parts of these were burned off by shopmen when the river was very low a few years later. The other Mikado, however, was never found.<br>

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