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Headwaters Junction Now Pufferbelly Junction With Change In Direction To Angola

...the plans have scaled back to a renovated depot and stationary train car now parked beside Fort Wayne Outfitters on the north side of the St. Marys River from Promenade Park, the junction group has changed its name. Headwaters Junction became Pufferbelly Junction... Originally, the group planned to have a grand opening of the car and depot, with a company contracted to serve ice cream, sandwiches and the like, but that just became too much of a time crunch, Steininger said. Now they’re looking at next spring, with Grace Kelly May, owner of GK Baked Goods, planning to provide the eats and treats, Steininger said. They would like to open the train for public tours during events, including this year’s Night of Lights when the downtown Santa and reindeer display is lighted. Beginning Oct. 1, rentals will begin for 3-hour blocks costing $300, plus a $100 partially refundable deposit after cleaning and damages are deducted. Landscaping is scheduled for around the car and parking lot.

The First Train Crossed The Border On A New Route Between Ukraine And Romania

Traffic on this section will be restored after a break of more than 20 years – the connection was suspended in 2000.

Durango & Silverton Employees Help Rescue Missing Hiker

D&S passenger spots injured hiker signaling for help.

Worlds Longest Passenger Train (And Narrow Gauge To Boot)

Swiss meter gauge railroad sets record for world's longest passenger train.

Rsilroad Mismanagement

Potential railroad strike averted but significant issues remain