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Restored Rail Line Reconnects Southern Nevada Cities

For the first time in 20 years, passengers boarded a train Friday connecting Boulder City to Henderson.

LCTV Community Converstations : David Buczkowski

A one-half hour local broadcasting station for Lincoln County Maine interviews the Wiscasset Waterville and Farmington Railway Museum's president David Buczkowski.

Alna Nods Museum’S Plan, With Conditions

A new parking lot by the end of 2019 needs to be an “active priority” for Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington Railway Museum, the Alna Planning Board decided Monday. The board set that condition and three others when it approved the nonprofit's next five-year plan, 3-0-1.

Original San Francisco Cable Car Is Heading To Connecticut In Trolley Trade

San Francisco is sending one of its oldest cable cars to a museum in Connecticut as part of a deal that involves history and a bit of cash.

Historic High-Rise Sold As Downtown L.A.'s Former Business District Thrives

One of downtown's oldest tall buildings, the former Los Angeles offices of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad, sold this week for nearly $70 million to a residential developer.

Grant Would Help Get More Streetcars Out For Demonstration At Railway Museum

Article about Grant that the Northern Ohio Railway Museum received

Hampton's Desire For Vintage Streetcar No. 390 Comes Home

Hampton's desire to have vintage streetcar No. 390 on display to transport residents back in time is chugging merrily along.

Train Buffs Will Fight Sacramento Bike Trail Plan That Would Remove Old Tracks

Former Sacramento Kings co-owner Gregg Lukenbill, a member of the California State Railroad Museum Foundation, says his group and others will contest any city effort to rip out train tracks in order to make room for a planned 4.5-mile recreational trail.

Ford Buying Michigan Central Station: What We Know And Don't Know

Here is what we know about a potential deal:

Ford Looks At Buying Detroit's Long-Vacant Michigan Central Station

Ford is interested in further expanding in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood, including into the long-vacant Michigan Central Station, after 30 years of vacancy. Talks are ongoing, sources said, but no deals have been finalized. The automaker has been considering the building for several months, and is considering the idea of a campus at the site. This, in my opinion, could also lead to the construction of a Michigan Avenue streetcar line.

Another Restoration In Store For Old Cabbage Head

In November of 1913, at the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia, construction was completed on a steam engine locomotive. Constructed of steel, oak and yellow pine, this particular engine had a uniquely shaped smoke stack which would later lead to the creation of its iconic nickname, “Old Cabbage Head.”

Marin Rail Buffs Bid To Reclaim Historic Train

Volunteers with the Friends of Mount Tam, the Marin History Museum and the Mill Valley Historical Society hope to win so they can restore the train and haul it up to the Gravity Car Barn atop Mount Tam’s East Peak.

Oldest Operational Carriage In Australia Damaged On Zig Zag Railway

Eight antique carriages and wagons, including the oldest operational carriage in Australia built in 1882, have been damaged in what Zig Zag Railway’s chairman has described as a “malicious attack” on the site. Police have said up to $400,000 worth of damage had been wrought upon the railway sometime between February 18 and Sunday, March 4, when the vandalism was discovered.

Puffing Billy Crash: Probe Launched After Tour Bus Clips Iconic Train

Victoria, Australia authorities have seized a tour bus after it crashed into the scenic train Puffing Billy, leaving one man in hospital.