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Virginia Museum Of Transportation Board Members Resign

They submitted letters of resignation at the museum’s annual meeting last Thursday. And their departure has fueled speculation and concern about the future of the museum and the steam excursion program. It took a team to pull off the excursions with the 611 steam engine last fall, but Will Harris spearheaded the effort, and owns the property where passengers boarded the train. Now, he and at least two other board members who were instrumental in that operation have stepped down.

Michigan Central Officials Optimistic On Resurrecting Train Service

Passenger rail service could return to Michigan Central Station, but the restored depot is unlikely to operate as a full-fledged train station again, officials say.

Historic Photos Of Michigan Central Station Show Heyday Of Old Detroit Train Depot

Originally built in 1913, Michigan Central Station was designed by the same architectural firms that worked on New York City’s Grand Central Station. The building had 10 gates for trains, and its 18-story tower held 500 offices. In the station’s heyday in the 1940s, more than 4,000 passengers passed through each day. Take a look through our photo gallery of historic images for a rare look inside the depot that has become a symbol of revival in Detroit.

Michigan Central Station Reopening: Everything You Need To Know

Michigan Central Station reopens June 6 with an epic concert, followed by public tours all summer long and a 'phased reactivation.' The Free Press got a peek inside the Michigan Central Station in recent weeks. Here's everything we saw, plus what to know on the reopening concert, tours and more.

Navy 44-Ton Switcher To St. Louis, Iron Mt. & Southern

Locomotive #2107 was built in 1941 by General Electric for the United States Navy as USN 65-000513. It is a 44-ton diesel electric locomotive built for industrial rail switching. 2107 spent the majority of its naval career in Virginia around Chesapeake Bay before being acquired for use at a railroad academy in California.

Engine 4420 Helped Save Evanston 100 Years Ago, Now Evanston Saving Engine 4420

Engine 4420 is a workhorse of a switch steam locomotive that helped saved Evanston in the 1920s. Now it’s 4420’s turn to be restored to its former glory.