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Welcome to Railway Preservation News
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Great Northern SW1 Returns To Waite Park

A 70-year-old locomotive used at the Waite Park Great Northern Car Shops, returned to where it all began Saturday, to go on display as part of the St. Cloud Area Rail Legacy Museum (STARail).

From The Forests To The Fairgrounds

"In early 2001, the late Kent Stephens of Chico State arranged for the Plumas County Museum to acquire the Spanish Peak Lumber Co. No. 2 locomotive. Todd Anderson of Harco Trucking hauled it from the museum to Wilburn Construction on Lee Road where it was restored for about a year. The following year, the Plumas-Sierra County Fair requested it be brought to the fairgrounds for display or possibly to operate it. Wilburn Construction, Plumas County Public Works and Caltrans moved it into the art barn, where volunteers worked diligently on it for over 15 years."

£50 Million Upgrade For National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum in York is set to undergo a £50m renovation in the biggest upgrade in its 40-year history.

Noblesville Evicts Indiana Transportation Museum After 52 Years

ITM is being evicted and must move out by March 31, 2018