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 Post subject: open air passenger cars
PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 1998 11:44 pm 

Over the years, I have ridden in many open air passenger cars - either heavyweight without windows or converted flat cars.<p>What is the advanatages of putting in a type of bus seating arrangement vs. two benches back to back down the middle with openings?<p>I would appreciate hearing from people with actual operating experience with either type and the pros/cons of these two type of seating arrangements. The railroad is question is standard guage.<p>Jim<br>

 Post subject: Re: open air passenger cars
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 1998 12:41 am 

Jim,<br> People like to move around a lot in an open air car. They're looking for just the right curve, with just the right light for that "perfect" shot. They're looking up a the trees, or a cliff,or getting away from the wind-blown stack smoke, or ??? The bench type seating allows that, the bus type seating hinders it. Of course, this is assuming you have closed cars with "normal" seating that the riders can go to when they tire of the open-air thing, or the weather becomes lousy. Also, the bench seating car is actually easier to clean! Don't forget convenient trash containrs, ends of car and mid-car would be great!<br>S'<br>David D.<br>

 Post subject: Re: open air passenger cars
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 1998 8:44 am 

great coments. I don't understand why 140 feet of benches would sit less than bus seats.<p>How about peoples feet hanging out as others walk by?<p>Any comments on converting flat cars?<p>Jim<br>

 Post subject: Re: open air passenger cars
PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 1998 11:45 am 

It depends of course on the seating arrangement proposed. In commuter trains, for instance, long bench seats are not used and transverse seats are placed close together to accomodate maximum passenger loads. OTOH, long distance coaches were equipped with nice reclining chairs placed further apart. <p>You won't find you can put a long bench the whole length of the car. A lot of pass through space will be required. In general, I have found that assuming all other things equal, for a short tourist ride you can fit 3 passengers in bus type seating for every two in bench type seating without sacrificing passenger comfort. <p>Dave <br>

 Post subject: More on open air passenger cars
PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 1998 2:03 pm 

Another point to consider: The seating and car interior must be conducive to cleaning and weather. Is your railroad operating a steam locomotive? If so, consider the cinders that will have to be kept out of people's eyes (a roof) and be swept (shoveled?) out of the car.<p>The Gettysburg RR (before the boiler explosion, not current operators) had a preposterous double-deck open car converted from a full-length double-deck van carrier. It first operated without a roof, and I saw passengers flood the open top to stake out attractive seats before departure, only to flee from the massive rain of cinders from 3254. By Biglerville only three or four hardcore gluttons for punishment (yours truly among them) were riding the upper level. But the car did have its good points--firmly-mounted plastic-backed chairs as seating, with a hole drilled into each concave seat bottom. That car could have been cleaned with a lawn blower or fire hose!<br>The car was an esthetic catastrople, but who cares about lineside photographers anyway? That RR didn't hesitate to grab waiting freight cars and attach them to the back of excursion trains.<br>

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